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Enchanting Doomsday Prophecy: On hold

Prices are slowly picking up again, the 50% dip is up at 75%, which evens out by the fact you get more mats from each DE now. The only difference is you have to spend more time crafting / DEing, which is the most boring part of the business in my opinion. Another downside is the increased competition: many enchanters were probably waiting for the hotfix and those mats are now flooding the AH at a pace the demand cannot meet. Hopefully the prices will pick up more tomorrow when the reset arrives.

However, if the 3.3 automatic dungeon DE change still goes live we will see much lower prices. Enchanting Doomsday is currently on hold.



How to smack the camper in the eye

OK, not physically, but today’s frustration over that guy who just won’t log off and keeps undercutting your auctions with 1 copper 2 seconds after you push the POST button made me think of a different approach. I had crafted a load of scrolls last week, and with the mats market coming down on us I wanted to unload some of these before they become useless.

I logged on in the morning, only one serious competitor: Mr Camper (didn’t know he was at this point though) and cut him off with 50 silver on all my scrolls. Note that scrolls have no deposit, so other tactics to scare the guy off is not working: the one who can get his hands on the cheapest mats wins. 30 seconds later he was top listed again cutting all scrolls except one with 5 silver. I run QA and repost. 30 seconds pass again before I’m undercut. I try the patience game and we keep doing this for 20 minutes or so before I log off to help my girlfriend with some stuff. I know I should have stopped after 5, but I don’t give up easily.

I’m back two hours later and have an idea: I’m gonna test his thresholds. I post all my scrolls to 60% of the market price, we’re down here to just below (the old) mats price. The guy follows, but he’s getting careful and only posts 1 or 2. I wait until 5 in the afternoon and repost my scrolls at 100% again. It now looks something like this:

Camper: 100 gold 60%
Camper: 100 gold 60%
Me: 190 gold 100%
Me: 190 gold 100%
Me: 190 gold 100%
Guy from this morning: 192 gold 101%

This was a longshot but my idea was that the camper would blindly look at QA and keep his auctions there making him believe he had “won” our little war. So what happened? Peak time came, people did their heroics and raids, and went to AH after to pick up some stuff to enchant their new gear. The campers’ stuff sold, but so did most of mine. The moral of the story is: being top listed isn’t always the most profitable thing. If I would have kept undercutting the guy down to 40% or lower I would have lost alot of profit, and more important: time.

Campers are annoying, but there are other ways to still sell stuff than carpet bombing, at least in the scrolls market.


Enchant material prices in free fall

As expected, the enchants material prices are now in free fall. This is most probably due to the change I posted about in the weekend. I have checked 3 different EU servers, and dust is currently at 50% of ‘regular’ market price, with double as many listings. I have decided to step down from the market for now until things stabilize, and trying to get rid of the few dusts I still have left. We will probably see Eternal Earth, ore, leather and uncut gems following the enchant material prices. I guess I will have to eat my losses from the 100ish scrolls I crafted last week, or at least hold on until patch day and try to ride on the first wave of demand.

It’s now interesting what will happen when patch hits. With the dungeon disenchanting upcoming I doubt there will be much gold to be made in the future from this market. Infinite dust below 1 gold? Goldcap for me seems far away at the moment.

Vendor items people buy for 1000% the price

Inspired from Gevlon and Kevin I started my own experiment a week ago.

The real big seller is Copper Rod, which you can pick up from the vendor for about 2 silver. Put these up for 20 gold and watch the money roll. I’ve sold 10 of these in a week. Not a stunning amount, but still a nice markup. Other things selling, but not as good as the rods include:

*Blacksmith hammer
*Inscription parchments
*Weak Flux
*Mining Pick
*Coal (awesome markup selling these for 5 gold each)

I’ve gone so far to put these items into my QA, netting around 50-100 gold profit everyday. If you got bagspace over – try it out.
I don’t know if it’s stupidity or laziness making people do this. Probably a bit of both.


Hotfix changes disenchanting

This was hotfixed yesterday I believe.

Disenchanting and shattering has been slightly altered to provide more Infinite Dust than before.

For Jewelcrafters this means Sun Rock Rings, Bloodstone Bands and Huge Citrine Necklages now provide more mats from disenchanting.

I crafted and DEd 40 of these items and got the following:
*1-3 dusts
*1-3 lesser essences

Time to update your snatch lists. In a few days this will be normalized, so expect higher prices on Bloodstone, Sun Crystals, Huge Citrines and Eternal Earth. Something to consider while prospecting ore as well (saronite ore has already gone up 5 gold on my server).

The effect of this will be lowered disenchant mats, which only makes my previous post stronger. This is relative though, but if you have been sitting on lots of mats consider that gold gone.

Edit: Forgot to add, thank you Kevin for this information.

Patch 3.3: The end of the enchanting profits?

We don’t know yet when the patch will hit. My guess is in 2-4 weeks, with the raid instance released around x-mas.

Let’s take a look at the interesting parts of the patch notes:

*Group Disenchanting Option: In addition to rolling “Need” or “Greed” on items, players now have the option to elect for an item to be disenchanted. “Disenchant” works exactly like “Greed” except if a player wins the “Greed” roll, they will receive the disenchanted materials instead. Players who choose “Need” will always win the item and will always beat those that choose “Greed” or “Disenchant.”

According to players on the PTR you don’t need an enchanter in group. What impact will this has on the enchant materials market? I can bet half of my gold this will have a huge impact. Average Joe will get mats in his bags automatically (not just dream shards, but dust and essences) that he will go and deep undercut on the AH before he logs off. Add to that that there will be ALOT of groups doing dungeons after the patch, because of this change:

* The current plan is to make Emblems of Triumph the “base” of emblems so everything that drops Emblems of Conquest would be changed to Triumph and then the new raid content would drop the new highest emblem along with things like the heroic daily and such.

This means everyone and his mother will run heroics to get the Triumph loot they still need. I do realize the materials needed to enchant all this gear, but it won’t be nearly enough to suck up the surplus mats that will float around. It’s tough luck for us traders who deal with enchant mats if this change goes live. Sitting on loads of mats? Sell it now! With the mats the general cost of scrolls will also sink. Needless to say, this also goes for Crusader Orbs, which will drop around 2-300%.

The next change does not concern enchanting directly, but is an interesting side-note. I have been unable to find an official source for this, but it’s generally accepted on many blogs:

In patch 3.3, Braeg Stoutbeard is going to sell Arctic Furs for 60 Borean Leather (10 Heavy).

This will of course be normalized after a few days so that the value will be 60 Borean Leather = 1 Arctic Fur, but we can speculate abit and make an extra buck from this change.


JMTC Forums

Friday and time to do other stuff than WoW. Just gonna make a quick post here about Just My Two Copper Forums, which is a really active and friendly community for auction housers worldwide. Make sure you check it out!